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Chekadbam Sabz Shahr

Designing, production, and industrial implementation of roof garden

Address : Unit 7, No 104, Corner of 7th Banafsheh St., After Laleh Blvd., Southern Sattari Expway
Tel : +982144484801
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Chekadbam-e-Sabz-e-Shahr Co. was emerged from Architecture & Urban Consulting Engineering Co. of Chekad NoAndishan Tarh. These consultants started to study about normalized distribution of green spaces and also propaganda about its relevant usage culture, in order to achieve persistent co-existence between urban and architecture with environment; the appropriate response was developing vertical green spaces in cities. So, the studies were redirected towards designing and implementing vertical green spaces. First, popular methods of designing and implementing this system in USA, UK, and Germany were studied; some relevant packages were imported from UK and USA in order to close investigation of products and also lab researches. In the following, the implementing methods of roof garden and green wall in Iran were studied and finally in early 2011, Chekadbam co. started to benchmarking the successful modular methods experienced in developed countries like USA, in format of consultancy, design, production, implementing, and maintenance. In 2017, Chekadbam co. published four-volume book set in relevant fields, so played a role in developing the knowledge of vertical green spaces in Iran:

  • The art of developing vertical green spaces in Iran.
  • The art of designing modular and portable roof garden.
  • The art of designing modular and portable items.
  • The art of designing roof garden planting.

What is modular-portable Roof Garden?

Modular roof garden is a model of pre-constructed parts with no need to under-structure and with capability of implementing on any kind of roof and terrace. These pre-constructed parts with varied plant coverings are presented as different plants like trees and shrubs. In this system, plants are grown and kept in special boxes covering the roof garden, and costs and problems of creating water-proof roofs are prohibited. The most important aspect of this system is designing with light and removable parts resulting in suitable plans and patterns.

  • Plant covering.
  • Processed soil.
  • Geotextile and protective layer of soil.
  • Water-keeping layer and root-aeration.
  • Galvanized sheet with furnace color.
  • Finalized roof layer.
  • Steeping and roof water-proofing according to architecture details.

According to the proposed project, experts from Chekadbam Co. are sent to the project site to visit, free of charge, before any action. With respect to primary visit and study done by Chekadbam experts and also the employer’s demands and the project’s scale, the design team of Chekadbam provides 2-dimention plans, at least two or three variations in layout and price. According to designed plans, pro-forma invoice is presented in which all costs of roof garden implementation are separately inserted and also the duration of implementation.
There are 5 types of Chekadbam Roof garden, varied in designing and cost, as : Coastal type, Organic type, Miniature type, Dream type and Luxury type. All parts used in these 5 types are the same even in quality; the differences are in the number, the area, and type of selected parts ordered by the employer. In roof garden designing, main routes of personal traffic are very important.
Mainly, in implementing roof garden, main routes are done with wood-plastic composites, green spaces with planter box, and the rest of the area with decorative gravels, stones, and artificial grass. Of course, other factors and equipment affect the final cost, like canopy, atrium, fountain, green space density and wooden flooring.

Roof Garden
Roof Garden
Roof Garden
Roof Garden
Roof Garden
Roof Garden
Roof Garden

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